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12 Feb 2021
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Getting outdoors is a highly effective way to improve your mental health. Steamboat Springs, Colorado gives travelers a place to visit with tons of outdoor activities to check out. Being outside in nature can help you remain active while soaking in Vitamin D and exploring new lands.

A hike up a nearby mountain, a bath in our natural hot springs, or a relaxing day of fly fishing can help cleanse the mind and nourish the body. With many people being cooped up inside lately, it is now more important than ever to enjoy the great outdoors.


  1. Putting you around a new community of people where you're able to make friends
  2. Contributing to a healthier mood through the release of serotonin and dopamine with physical activity
  3. Giving you more exposure to the sun and Vitamin D - Steamboat averages 242 sunny days a year
  4. Reducing feelings of anxiety, stress and depression
  5. Exposing you to new scenery and a slower pace that gives you space and time to relax
  6. Enhancing your overall life satisfaction by engaging your thoughts in mindful habits/hobbies

Fun Outdoor Activities in and around Steamboat Springs:

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