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25 Feb 2021
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1. Year-Round Recreation

For outdoor enthusiasts Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a dream. With its year-round outdoor recreation, visitors will find themselves eager to do it all. From hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, biking, paddle-boarding, and rafting to four-wheeling, hunting, fishing, rock climbing and more, outdoorsman will never tire of what Steamboat can offer.

With its famous champagne powder, it is no wonder that Steamboat Ski Resort ranks high on the list of our country’s best ski resorts. Our natural hot springs are open all year, perfect for a warm soak after a long day of activities.

With its rolling hills, blossoming meadows and colorful aspens, biking and hiking will offer a more scenic experience for visitors. Take an out and back hike at Fish Creek Falls, leading you to a beautiful 280 ft. waterfall or a quick 2.8-mile stroll through Buffalo Pass Trail. For more experienced hikers, visit the Continental Divide Trail, one of the world’s best hikes spanning 3,100 miles between Mexico and Canada. For mountain bikers, there is also Emerald Mountain which has an entire trail network for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

Colorado is also home to 58 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 ft. - otherwise known as fourteeners. Hikers don't need to travel overseas for these grand strides.

For more leisurely activities, horseback ride through Steamboat’s trail systems lined with colorful aspen trees. Those looking for some water activities will not be disappointed. The Yampa River, which moves through the center of downtown is ideal for rafting, kayaking and fly fishing. Also check out Steamboat Lake, which is great for paddle-boarding!

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2. Wildlife Watching and National Parks/Forests

With Colorado having four grand national parks and eleven national forests, it is no wonder that wildlife enthusiasts are eager to spend their time exploring here. Medicine Bow National Forest, a Routt county favorite, provides wildlife habitat, natural resources, and recreational opportunities for thousands of visitors.

Colorado is home to a variety of different animals. From bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose, elk and deer to mountain lions, bobcats, black bears, various bird species and more, leaving wildlife fans quite inspired.


3. Amazing Craft Beer

Colorado has become a mecca for craft beer and we sure do love our beer. With over 200 craft breweries throughout the state, and multiple beer festivals, visitors will have plenty of tasting options available to them. Steamboat Springs is home to several breweries:

4. Diversity in Lodging Options

Here at Retreatia, we offer a plethora of comfortable lodging options in Steamboat Springs. From private houses and ski-in, ski-out condos to downtown stays and luxurious homes with loads of convenient amenities, there are options that fit most budgets and desires.

Staying in a vacation home can provide travelers with comforts like larger spaces, fully equipped kitchens, more privacy, and extras you may not have thought about.

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5. Great Weather

Colorado has some of the best weather in the country. We see all four seasons in a year and can have different weather patterns at one time throughout the entire state. Our low humidity makes for amazing champagne powder and less sticky situations in the summer.

We receive a considerably large amount of snow, especially in Steamboat Springs – perfect for ski and snowboard trips. Steamboat itself sees 242 days/year of sun on average making it an ideal place for both Winter and Summer travel. Whatever season you visit, just make sure to pack lots of layers, as the weather can change quickly.


6. Big Reward for Domestic Travel

Colorado and Steamboat Springs offer so much in return for shorter travel times. Travelers are more frequently opting to travel domestic vs. international, while still being able to tour some amazing scenery and wonders in Colorado. Plus, visitors have the option to road trip here. There are also various flight options for travel to Steamboat. Denver National Airport is one of the nation's largest airports and is only 180 miles by car. Yampa Valley Regional Airport, located just 22 miles from Steamboat Springs now features nonstop flights from 12 major airports, making travel logistics much simpler. With that kind of accessibility, it is a no brainer to put Steamboat Springs, Colorado on your travel list.

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