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5 Nov 2020
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Vacation Rentals

1. Ultimate Space

When traveling with family, it's incredibly important to prioritize square footage in your rental. Separate rooms for family members - especially parents and their young children - is an essential for those looking to relax on vacation. Unlike hotels, vacation rentals provide families with an entire home to stretch their legs and avoid feeling on top of one another. Often times, these homes also give the added bonus of separate game rooms, private balconies, and additional living spaces, supplying more room for play. Whether guests stay in a town home, condo or private house, vacation rentals have the capacity to fit families of all sizes, under the same roof, with their own sleeping quarters. 

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2. Fully Equipped Kitchens

For most families with younger children, dining out can be a tedious endeavor. Vacation rentals provide full kitchens equipped with all of the essentials including full sized appliances, cooking utensils, pots and pans, dishware and even bonuses like spices and coffee. When families want to spend their vacation time enjoying the activities in town, planning and prepping for dinner reservations and loading everyone in the car for the commute can really put a damper on the day. Kitchens in vacation rentals make life easier. From meal prepping for those picky eaters, to simply having a place to make the basics for lunch and dinner, traveling families will love having this convenient necessity at their fingertips. 

3. Proximity, Amenities & Extras

Unlike many hotels, vacation rentals come with additional entertainments, amenities and close promity to popular activities. Accessibility to nearby activities like skiing Steamboat Resort or exploring downtown's shops and eateries, is a life saver for families when it comes to convenience and time well spent. Many vacation rentals offer units directly situated in the heart of it all and some even within ski-in, ski-out distance to the mountain.

After a day of exploring or hitting the slopes, nothing is better than coming back to a private rental to unwind in a hot tub, pool or sauna. What's better is that a lot of vacation rentals come with their own private facilities, making it easier to keep track of everyone and have fun as a family. During COVID-19, where common areas aren't always open, having privacy to enjoy these extra perks is more significant than ever before. Unlike hotels, vacation rentals are aslo frequently loaded with extras like electronic gaming systems, board games, large TVs with streaming services, pool tables and more. This is exceptionally great for families with children who may need a little entertainment in the early mornings and late evenings when the adults are relaxing.

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4. Most Affordable

Most families who travel together are going to have a financial budget. Vacation rentals tend to be a much better value and save families money – especially for longer stays. For all that extra space guests have access to in a rental, booking several hotel rooms to accommodate the whole family is no longer a necessary waste. Families no longer have to pay absurd nightly rates for small rooms that only serve the purpose of sleeping. Vacation rentals will sleep an entire family comfortably while contributing further space for eating in,

relaxing on the balcony and enjoying time in and around the home.

Another way vacation rentals contribute to saving money is by offering discounts for being a guest. Perks like discounted lift tickets or ski rental discounts are available for guests of Retreatia.

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5. Home Away from Home

Vacation rentals come well stocked, making it the best option for family groups. Particularly for larger families or those with children, traveling frequently leaves less space in the car and luggage for the essentials. Families will love not having to pack and lug every little thing with them when they can rely on a rental full of supplies. Equipped with the essentials needed for daily living, from accommodating kitchens to full sized washer and dryers, family travelers are sure to enjoy a stay that's both comfortable and convenient. 

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