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9 Jun 2024
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Your Ultimate Gift Guide for Steamboat Springs Vacationers

Do you have a loved one or a good friend traveling to Steamboat Springs? This is a fantastic opportunity to give them a gift they can enjoy while on vacation. Giving something meaningful and useful to those traveling to the Rockies is an excellent way to make their journey and adventure even more special.

However, picking a gift for someone, even those you know very well, can be challenging. With so many options to choose from and having to consider the recipient’s taste, this is not an easy task.

Luckily, we’re here to your rescue. Below, we have curated a list of gifts that any traveler to Steamboat Springs will love and appreciate. They cater to people of all tastes and preferences and will not only be useful for their Colorado adventures but for many others to come.

Here we are with a list of top gifts for Steamboat Springs travelers!


Steamboat Springs: Memories of a Young Colorado Pioneer

If the person you’re buying a gift for is an avid reader, a good book is always a great surprise. However, since there are several genres to choose from and you’re not quite sure what kind of book suits their taste, it can be a tricky gift.

But here’s a secret to make it right: since we're talking about vacationers to Steamboat Springs, why not pick a book related to the area? Any reader will most likely appreciate a book, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, that has the place they’re going as a background or delves into its history and culture.

"Steamboat Springs: Memories of a Young Colorado Pioneer" by David Merrill Primus is a collection of memories and stories from the writer's grandfather, who was a young pioneer in the early days of the town. Besides the stories collected by David Merrill Primus, the book comes with never-before-published historical photographs, sketches, and maps that, although reflecting Steamboat Springs from the past, provide readers with a true picture of early Steamboat and its surrounding area today.

Vinarmour Travel Wine Carrier

This is a gift for wine lovers. Wine Time will certainly be part of any visit to Steamboat Springs, especially during winter, for those who are enthusiastic about the “grape juice for grown-ups.”

The Vinarmour Travel Wine Carrier is the world’s first fully protective wine carrier, designed to transport a bottle of wine without any risk of breakage or leaking anywhere you go. A wine lover will most likely take one, or two, bottles with them on their vacation, so what could be a better gift than an elegant and stylish wine carrier?

The Vinarmour Travel Wine Carrier is made of an extremely strong fabric that’s resistant to impact, leaking, and puncture, making it a must-have accessory for those who want to travel with a bottle of wine worry-free. When empty, the carrier is easily foldable and ideal for the traveler who prioritizes light traveling.


KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

Steamboat Springs has many excellent coffee shops perfect for a caffeine boost before or after engaging in the top-notch outdoor activities the city offers. A much-appreciated gift for coffee lovers is a reusable coffee cup. Sometimes, while traveling, coffee on the go is necessary for making the most of your time.

The KeepCup is not only a stylish reusable coffee cup, but it also pleases baristas since its design is compatible with espresso machine filter heads, making the coffee-making process easier — it’s ideal for cappuccinos and lattes. Additionally, this gift is also great if the person you’re gifting is concerned about sustainability.


AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress coffee and espresso maker is another incredible gift for coffee buffs traveling to the Rockies. Compact, lightweight, and shatter-proof, it has a 3-in-1 brew technology mixing high-quality brewing with user-friendliness.

Since not every lodge and hotel provides good appliances for brewing a good cup of coffee, the AeroPress is a portable and useful way to ensure people have their caffeine fix easily. As long as you have ground coffee and hot water, AeroPress provides an easy and fast technique — in less than two minutes, users can make great coffee that tastes as good as if prepared by professionals.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 Speaker

Do you know what else makes a fantastic addition to any traveler's packing list? A portable speaker. Music always enhances any kind of experience. While traveling, whether you’re exploring the outdoors, picnicking, or relaxing at your accommodation, listening to your favorite songs will never disappoint. If the traveler is vacationing with their family, a portable speaker is also great for creating an enjoyable and communal atmosphere in various situations.

An excellent option is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3. Small yet powerful, it’s super easy to connect to any mobile phone, and it has the advantage of being waterproof and dustproof. Another great thing about it is its durability, making it a gift that will be part of the recipient's travels for many years. 


Guided Snowshoe Tour

Beyond incredible skiing opportunities, there are many other ways to experience the Steamboat Springs winter wonderland. A guided snowshoe tour through the beautiful winter landscapes of Steamboat Springs offers a unique and memorable experience. It's perfect for those who enjoy exploring nature and want to see the area from a different perspective. Steamboat Springs provides wonderful access to backcountry snowshoe opportunities in the surrounding National Forest and local trails.

You can also give someone the gift of an experience by booking a Guided Snowshoe Tour. It’s a good way to include others in your gift too, as these tours are family-friendly and everyone will benefit from your gift. There are several local tour providers you can choose from, such as Yampatika, where you can book an experience for someone you love.


A Personal Professional Photoshoot

A private, professional photoshoot is another delightful experience you can give to someone. It’s another way to benefit more than one person with your gift. Photos are some of the best souvenirs people can get from a vacation, and a photoshoot can also be a unique and fun experience that will bond people and create unforgettable memories.

Platforms like Flytographer and Local Lens easily connect vacationers with local photographers who will capture fantastic moments against the breathtaking Rockies’ backgrounds. All the recipient of this gift needs to do is select a beautiful location and enjoy their time in front of the camera. The photos will definitely remind them of their vacation and, in the case of family photoshoots, they can also be perfect for holiday postcards among other things.


High-quality Clothing for Outdoor Adventures

Most vacationers to Steamboat Springs will likely engage in hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and other outdoor activities. Taking this into consideration, the best gift you can give them is top-notch outdoor clothing for their adventures in the Rockies.

When choosing the right brand, these pieces will be durable and useful for many other future adventures. Think about accessories like scarves, beanies, gloves, wool socks, waterproof outerwear, ski pants, and glasses or goggles, to name a few.

When it comes to durability, quality, and style, some of our favorite brands are: The North Face, L.L. Bean, Marmot, Montbell, Columbia, and Patagonia. Each one of them offers a wide variety of high-quality accessories and clothing for comfortable outdoor exploration. 

Note: we know that choosing clothing as a gift is quite tricky. In this case, consider buying a gift card from one of these brands. Most of them offer gift card options on their websites.

Ultimate Gift Guide: Top Picks for Steamboat Springs Travelers

Choosing the right gift can indeed be a daunting task, but the secret to success lies in using your creativity and selecting something that will not only be useful for a specific trip but also many future travels. Here are some some extra things to have in mind when buying gifts:

  • Consider Practicality and Portability: Opt for compact and durable items that are easy to pack and can withstand the rigors of travel.

  • Personalize When Possible: Tailor the gift to the recipient’s interests and add a personal touch, such as a custom note or monogramming, to make it more special.

  • Think About the Experience: Choose gifts that enhance their travel experience, such as local tours, spa days, or vouchers for restaurants and attractions.

When you put thought into your gift, it shows the recipient that you care about their interests and their experiences, making the gesture even more meaningful.

Want more tips on Steamboat Springs, CO? Then head to our destination blog, where we cover everything from a full guide on family-friendly outdoor activities and the best places to grab coffee in town to the top activities to enjoy on a rainy day. And there's much more coming, so keep an eye out for future blogs!


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