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Meet Heather, Grocery Mom's founder.  I have personally lived in this great town for 10 years and my husband was born and raised Steamboat. Our daughter is 6th generation Steamboat, how awesome is that! Next summer we will building on the family homestead just south of town and are so happy to call Steamboat home. Heather loves to shop and loves helping guest have an amazing time in Steamboat, so why not combine the two? That's what Steamboat Grocery Mom is all about...YOU. Heather's background has always been customer service; from restaurants to hotel customer service manager. While in college Heather  started and ran Happy Hoppers bounce house rentals. After years of successful business she couldn't pass up the opportunity to sell and enter the resort world; where she fell in love with making your vacation great.  Before starting SGM she was the front desk manager at one of Steamboat's 5 star properties, so she knows what you and your guest expect and is here to exceed it. During those 3 years she personally shopped for the hotel's owners and guest because the service from other companies just wanted up to par for our expectations. Heather enjoys dirt biking, snowmobiling, camping and spending all her time with her family. Heather is Gluten free, nut free and dairy free herself and loves helping friends with allergies discover the joys of safe foods. Feel safe letting her shop for you.